This is it!

So I did it! After a long time of flaffing around and trying to find various excuses not to, I booked tickets to New York last night! I am going to join my brother and his wife on a tour of the Big Apple. It was so liberating – taking the first step to fulfilling my 2018 resolution. So much so that I started looking at other locations including Brussels by EuroStar, a 3 day weekend in Lisbon and a 5 day tour of Italy!!! I nearly booked the flight to Lisbon as well for 2 weeks before New York but held on till I get more info from my SIL.

A good thing too because the next day, a few friends started organising a Ski trip for the week before going to New York! So I am going to be doing 2 trips back to back – never done skiing and never been to America! So exciting and going to be a fun couple of weeks!

Onwards and upwards!

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