It’s a new year and to honour the time tested tradition, I have decided to come up with a few resolutions that I can try to stick to for the first couple of months before making up excuses and then completely giving them up before mid year.

I jest of course. By mid 2018, I would have graced this earth for 40 years and as I look back on my life, I feel there are things that I should have done by now. The last few years I think I have been on auto mode – not really pushing myself personally to do a lot of the things that I would like to do. This is the year that it changes.

Ideally I would like to have 18 resolutions to represent 2018 but that might be a bit too much!

  1. 18 Cities – I have always wanted to travel. I moved to the UK so that I can visit the numerous and beautiful cities of Europe. I am ashamed to say that after 11 years in the UK, I have only visited 1 European city! This year my goal is to visit 18 cities – that’s a city every 3 weeks! A bit much so I have taken city to include those in the UK as well as worldwide. So worse come to worse, I will just do a UK road trip! But I do have a goal of visiting at least 8 countries as well!
  2. Project 365 – this is to take at least one picture a day and post it to instagram. Having done a similar project a few years ago, I know this is going to be a tough challenge especially as I am planning on sticking to daily themes. But it should re-instill my love for photography and get me doing more creative work
  3. Write a blog – at least one resolution has been started. Just want to keep some of my thoughts and ramblings recorded for future generations!
  4. Buy a house – Been renting for the past 11 years due to various reasons! Time to change that
  5. Reduce plastic bottle usage – saw a video recently about how much waste is being pumped in to our oceans – it is mind blowing.
  6. £2,018 to charity – I am making a commitment to donate at least £2,018 to charities especially children based ones

Let’s hope that I can achieve most of these goals! Wish me luck!

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